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Newbie ^_^

Hi. I wanted to introduce myself for good measure since I plan to come out in February.

My name is Kelli Wurm, I go to Clarkston and I'm 18. I'm a senior and I have no friends ... lolz. ^_^

I heard of this through Mike White, and he has convinced me to come out to experience what you do.

It all looks extremely fun, so I am excited about coming out. :)

If you have any questions about me, feel free to ask. Can't wait to meet everyone this February.
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Hi! Im Seth, one of the Plot guys at SL. Have you checked out the site yet?
Its gonna be awsome to have you, and if your a friend of mikey... well... were gonna have to keep and eye on you then! lol j/k!

feel free to AIM me at foamwarriors2
any questions feel free ask ask or im me sephirothle